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  • Mark

    Has been learning at 51Talk for 2 years

    I really appreciate the help from all the teachers who have talked with me at 51Talk during the past 2 years. At first my logic and my grammar were a mess and my teachers couldn’t understand me at all. So they send me a lot of things to help me improve my grammar. After a long time of practice, I learned lots of things aside from English which broaden my horizon. Thank you so much teacher!

  • Kevin

    Has been learning at 51Talk for 2 years

    I want to talk to my teachers. You are such good teachers and such good friends. Thank you for everything you told me.

  • Angel

    Has been learning at 51Talk for 2 years

    I was a shy girl when I started learning English, I was nervous about every lesson. But thank god, I met Ash board at 51talk. Now I am very interested in her lessons and I feel relaxed when I have lessons with her. She said there is no fear in love just try your best. She is not only my teacher but also my best friend.

  • Car

    Has been learning at 51Talk for 1 year

    You are such a nice and helpful teacher, learning English with you is such a great experience. Thank you.

  • William

    Has been learning at 51Talk for 2 years

    With the help of you, I feel more confident and have made great progress in English. You don’t know how important you are in my heart. I love you my teachers. I wish you can become the happiest teachers in the world. Thank you very much.